Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Marsh Fire Effect on Air Quality

In January 2012 there was a persisent marsh fire in New Orleans East, just north of St. Bernard Parish.  The three air quality monitors in St. Bernard Parish reported high levels of particulate matter and hydrogen sulfide in January 2012.  Both are assumed to be from the marsh fire.

January 23, 2012 was one of the worse air quality days for particulate matter, PM10.  As an example, PM10 hourly readings around the St. Bernard Parish Chalmette Vista neighborhood generally average around the 20 to 40 range, and tend to peak to near 100 on New Year's Eve due to fireworks.  In January,  the PM10 readings at both the Ch_Vista Monitor and another community air monitor on Ventura Drive measured over 300 due to the marsh fire.
Time      Air Monitor                Particulate Matter PM10

11am Ventura                          46

noon Ventura                           80
          Ch_Vista                        89

1pm Ventura                          166
         Ch_Vista                       212

2pm Ventura                          304
         Ch_Vista                       280

3pm Ventura                          274
          Ch_Vista                      239

4pm Ventura                          251
         Ch_Vista                       214

5pm Ventura                          242
         Ch_Vista                       199

6pm Ventura                          234
         Ch_Vista                       205

7pm Ventura                          224
         Ch_Vista                       202
 8pm Ventura                          162
         Ch_Vista                       132

Valero Refining - Meraux LLC's Ventura Drive Monitor.  http://lena.providenceeng.com/Default.aspx
    Louisiana DEQ - Ch_Vista Monitor  http://www.deq.louisiana.gov/portal/DIVISIONS/Assessment/AirFieldServices/AmbientAirMonitoringProgram/AirMonitoringData.aspx

Full Recap of January 2012 Air Quality Here

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