Tuesday, February 7, 2012

enough is enough

quest for more tank farms?

around the 24:24 minute mark of the Council's February 7th 2012 meeting  available on the SBPG net website Cable Channel

an investment for the future of St. Bernard?

around the 24:24 minute mark.....

another parish got a $350,000 million dollar oil reserve tank farm that will bring close to 300 jobs that pay about $90,000 salary.(well, it doesnot take 300 people to run an oil reserve tank farm and oil reserve tank farms shouldnot be sited in flood zones. the last million gallon oil spill should be enough lessons learned)

EDC asking for $150,000 to $200,000 budget to hire people to go help the oil refineries in St. Bernard Parish expand (as well as help small businesses) but it will take two to three years of a $200,000 budget for EDC.

why should our tax dollars go to help the refineries expand? don't the oil companies have enough resources? aren't the flood plains not the best site location for oil tank reserves?

haven't we had enough?
didn't the oil tanks already expand when a million gallon oil spill put oil in our houses?

didn't residents just prevail in a year's -long objection to a tank farm expansion?Murphy Oil wisely let that tank farm expansion permit expire and the new owners stated in a public meeting that they were not planning on a tank farm expansion.

didn't the DEQ recently write-up the refinery for leaving the state-of-the-art floating roof(s) in lifted position on several tanks for many months?is that what made us sick?
were we not just told benzene emissions would be reduced by nearly 1,800 pounds annually by finally providing adequate covers to the oily waste processing area adjacent to the neighborhood on Judge Perez at Jacob?

promises of good paying jobs?for who? for people who refuse to raise their families here?

doesn't the EDC keep information from residents through their practice of ""Confidential Site Selection"?

not good EDC, not good at all.
posting received from St. Bernard Parish neighbor

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