Wednesday, November 30, 2011

when they dont want

when oil companies don't want public participation
We hold out hope the new owners and their management will be different. We continue dialogue in good faith and hope for substantial improvements not only in the processing units but also in the refinery's attitude and behavior concerning community relations. We look forward to their acceptance of our invitation to a neighborhood meet and greet.

Prior to the sale of the refinery, when management purported to be the transition team, in a Fall 2011 public meeting, we explained the refinery processes and equipment are still shaking our houses. There was little to no response, no new expressed concern to further a solution. When asked for information on a particular August incident which caused houses to move and rumble, it was said there was no information for that date. However, the discussion became lengthy concerning the unacceptable treatment of community members. Those targeted were assured a full investigation is underway. As of Spring 2012 there is still no information.

If you or someone you know has experienced harassing and intimidation tactics from representatives of the refinery, please send your story to We view this pattern as a violation of our civil rights and it will not be tolerated. Most recently, in Fall 2011, threats of physical harm from refinery workers to residents who call-in, upon the refinery's request, with concerns about processing incidents. This type of behavior and attitude towards our community was discussed nearly a year and a half before Fall 2011 with the then current refinery manager. Instead of fixing the problem, the refinery crew would driveby the complainants home, make note of what cars were parked at which houses, and claim there was no odor, no noise. Later, residents were questioned by refinery security guards about who is visiting their homes and in what vehicles, volunteering information and the knowledge of what typed of vehicle the residents and their guests drove. Residents were specifically asked who drives a certain vehicle or who was visiting the home on specific days. No neighborhood should be subjected to this. Why are the refinery security guards conducting surveillance on the residents? Their fenceline is way on the other side of the neighborhood, past a pipeline easement which is supposed to serve as a dividing buffer to protect the neighborhood.


65373.7. Meraux Refinery Does Care, and will continue
.... .... tinman70068, 09/06/11 12:46 PM

Since I have been working for Meraux refinery, I have seen that the current management team is committed to keeping the environment safe, and the neighbors safe. PooPoo stirrers like Suzzane (who needs a good you know what) and the other guy, if forget his name are just using old out dated info to stir crap. It's rediculous some of the calls we get. The other day someone called to complain about the smoke coming from the marsh fire. Why call us? She insisted that we make it stop coming in her vents. WTF is wrong with you people. If you seriously don't want or like a refinery, then stop buying gas, and driving around in your cars. Go buy an electric vehicle if you feel so strongly against the refinery. Most are causing a stink because they are trying to get money that is what it is all about. The oil spill was a result of Katrina, not the deliberate act of Murphy. I get so frustrated with these ridiculous call sometimes I just want to chock you mofo's. Meraux refinery will con tinue to operate in a safe and environmentally friendly way no matter who owns us. Its like a family there and I'm glad to be working for them.

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