Friday, November 18, 2011

Live and Vote Home

Opinion from Laura  in N. O. W. citizen's group
 on the Lee Zurik Investigations   into Voter Fraud in St. Bernard

I don't know about the rest of you, but I really find it hard to feel

angry about this voter fraud situation.. Many of them are still "in"

the parish. They work here, they spend the better part of their day

here. All of their alliances and loyalties, political, personal,

financial, and heartfelt are still here in St. Bernard.

Instead of criticizing these people for voting in St. Bernard, I

understand their kinship and their love for the place that they "all"

call home. Katrina is "STILL" destroying our lives!! Many people I

know who left the Parish are discontent in the foreign communities in

which they find themselves. They miss the neighbors, communities,

Beauty, kinship and love that will not be found anywhere but St.

Bernard. So my criticism is for their living anywhere else. And I have

to agree that it is time for them to accept the reality of their

decision to live anywhere else.

So all of our wayward voters who decided to live outside of St. Bernard,

now is the time for them to take stock of their lives and make another

decision if necessary. If they want to have a say... to vote... for

issues and candidates that make up St. Bernard Parish... then they have

to live in St. Bernard Parish. We have plenty of homes and properties

to accommodate all of them!! Come home....

Live and Vote in St. Bernard!


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