Friday, September 16, 2011

M / V Plant Update

65517. Murphy/Valero Update from a resident CAP member   09/16/11 12:32 AM

Murphy scheduled to transfer on October 1 2011 to Valero Energy Corp.

The company owns 16 other refineries.

They invest in alternative energy such as ethanol and wind mills.

Regional V.P. refers to the area where Murphy bought residences as a "Green Belt" similar to buffer areas around existing Valero refineries near residential areas with no plans for use in any other way but as green belt..

All Murphy employees will be hired by Valero .

Valero hopes to continue and improve best safety practices as well as community relations.

The Citizens Advisory Comittee and current members will continue to meet monthly.

There is a potential for expansion within the plant as it exists.

(IMO) Not much will change.
Note on greenbelt and transfer of LLT properties to refinery
HRQL Meeting 8-24-2011 around the six minute mark

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Anonymous said...

For the people of St. Bernard Parish, Katrina was a disaster. For the corporations, it's a business opportunity. Not much has changed.

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