Sunday, September 25, 2011

coke barn repairs update

ExxonMobil's refinery at Chalmette has been placed under a compliance order by Louisiana DEQ to make certain repairs to its coker unit storage barn by end March 2012.  LDEQ will incorporate this specific requirement into ExxonMobil's air permit renewal for the unit. 

coke barn roof condition May 2011

coke barn roof condition January 2011.

These broken roof panels can be carried by wind and tropical storms onto adjacent worksites or into residential neighborhoods, causing physical harm.

 pg 39 ExxonMobil CRLCC proposed the following repair plan for the coke barn

1) Remove all of the sheeting (roof panels), purlins, roof struts, bracing, and roof rafters.

2) Wash concrete pad/floor of building to removee any remaining coke particulates to eleimanate potential of particulate emissions after roof panels are removed.

LDEQ will include a Specific Requirement in Permit renewal requiring these activities be completed before March 31, 2012.

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