Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Public Meetings with Murphy


156D. Public Meetings. Beginning no later than 90 days from the Date of
Entry, Murphy shall sponsor and provide for meetings to be held on a monthly
basis (and at least ten months in each calendar year) at a location and time that is
convenient for members of the Concerned Citizens Around Murphy ("CCAM"), a
Louisiana non-profit organization, and any other residents living nearby the
Meraux Refmery (within a 3-mile radius). Such meetings are intended to provide
a mutually beneficial forum for discussion of matters of concern to those living
nearby the Meraux Refmery, and shall be in addition to, and not in lieu of, any
Community Advisory Panel ("CAP") that may be sponsored or held by Murphy;
however, upon the mutual written agreement by Murphy and CCAM, such
meetings as required by this Paragraph may be merged with the CAP. Not less
than five (5) working days prior to each meeting, Murphy shall provide general
notice of the meeting's time and location, and shall additionally notify one or
more members of CCAM who are designated by CCAM to receive notice. At
each meeting, Murphy shall provide copies of any preliminary Refmery
Emissions Data for the immediately preceding 30 or 60-day period
i.e., the
period of time since the immediately preceding meeting) to CCAM members, and
any other nearby residents, attending the meeting. Murphy may, at Murphy's

... -~


option, post on the Monitoring Data Website additional data
, report(s), or other
information as would facilitate communications between Murphy and members of
the public at the meeting. If a CCAM member notifies Murphy of difficulty
accessing the data, report(s) or other information, Murphy shall provide the data,
report(s) or other information to the CCAM member by electronic mail upon
receiving notice of the request. Such meetings shall include, at a minimum, the

a. An oral report by a knowledgeable Murphy official of progress in

implementing the provisions of this Consent Decree, and of any problems
encountered or anticipated by Murphy with respect to meeting the requirements of
the Consent Decree, during the immediately preceding 30 or 60-day period, as

b. A presentation of the CAM Station Data collected, preliminary

Refinery Emissions Data, refmery CEMS data
, and flow data to the North and
South refinery flares covering the immediately preceding 30 or 60-day period, as
applicable. Refmery CEMS data and flow data to the North and South refinery
flares for the immediately preceding 30 or 60
-day period may be presented by
Murphy in chart form or similar summary fashion; and

c. Any other issues identified by either Murphy or CCAM for

discussion at that month's meeting. In the notice provided by Murphy of the
meeting's time and location pursuant to this Paragraph, Murphy shall provide a
means for CCAM or any other residents to identify topics for discussion at that
meeting. Such meetings shall include sufficient time for discussion of questions
or issues to be raised by members of the public

d. By no later than 45 days from the Date of Entry, Murphy shall

host an evening community town hall meeting to explain this Consent Decree as it
relates to the Meraux Refinery to any interested residents.

I 56E. Community Enhancements. Murphy shall undertake the following
projects or measures for the benefit of the residential community near the Meraux


a. By no later than 270 days from the Date of Lodging, Murphy shall

secure the services of a qualified
independent third-party contractor to conduct a
noise survey along the 2000, 2100, 2200, and 2300 blocks of Jacob Drive or
Despaux Drive (between St. Bernard Highway and Ohio Street) in Chalmette,
, for a minimum of seven (7) consecutive days during normal refining
operations (e.g
., not during refinery turnaround periods, or during periods of a
curtailment of operations due to weather or for other reasons). The independent
contractor shall identify whether any noise levels are in excess of65 dB (as
provided in Chap. 11, Art. I, Sec. 11-4(b) ("Loud Machinery") of the St
. Bernard
Parish, Louisiana). Based on the results of the survey, Murphy shall identify and
implement reasonable measures to mitigate any such excess noise levels to
comply with Chap. 11, Art. I, Sec
. 11-4(b). The noise survey results shall be
made publicly available by Murphy pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 156D,
and Murphy shall further include a discussion of the results and proposed
mitigating measures (if any) during the Pub
lic Meeting(s) required by Paragraph

b. By no later than 90 days from the Date of Lodging, Murphy shall

erect a fence to protect and preserve the Villere Plantation ruins
. By no later than
180 days from the Date of Lodging, Murphy shall create a conservation servitude
for the Villere Plantation ruins in accordance with La. Rev. Stat
. §§ 9:1271 et seq.

c. At the Public Meetings held pursuant to Paragraph 156D, Murphy

shall report on its efforts to suppress the creation of dust caused by the aggregate
surface, vehicular traffic or wind in the parking lot area located at the refinery's
western boundary pipeline easement

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