Monday, August 29, 2011

Federal Levees failed

  According to  .......... just discovered footage we just had to share.

Although the information contained in this video is not new, most of the footage you are about to see is new.
Mere months after the federal levees failed in New Orleans after Katrina, the Corps of Engineers awarded an elite engineering group a grant to conduct what was basically a PR show to repair the Corps' damaged reputation. The grant steered money to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to present powerpoints apparently designed to mislead the American public on what caused the August 2005 flooding. ( discovered the details about the multi million grant in a request under FOIA.) It's bad enough that the presentations contained lies and spin designed to shift blame for the flooding away from the Corps and onto the people of New Orleans. The American taxpayers also paid for it. The information in this video is not new, but most of the footage is new. Not to be accused of taking anything 'out of context', we have uploaded a 15-minute segment -- the longest that YouTube allows - of the full 80-minute presentation and you can see even more of the travesty for yourself.

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Sandy Rosenthal said...

Thank you for posting this important, and unfortunately disturbing information.

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