Sunday, April 3, 2011

storm water concerns

Concerns for storm water runoff pollution.

March 11, 2011 - St. Bernard Parish NOW post Provident Realty Advisors and Aberdeen Court apartment construction workers dump cement and trash into our wetlands!

The photos in the March 11, 2011 folder were taken in the northern portion of our wetlands designated and marked off by the Army Corps of Engineers.  Construction workers dump cement and wash cement-filled buckets in the access-restricted, designated wetlands area of the Parc Place construction site in Chalmette, LA.

The buckets were used to carry the cement from the cement-mixer truck to the fence posts. The area used to dump the cement and wash the buckets is a designated area of wetlands which the developer was restricted from using. It is in this wetlands area that the cement was dumped.
The same Parc Place site needs improvements to its storm water runoff and pollution prevention practices, as a recent rain event discharged cement chemicals and large amounts of sand sediment into the municipal storm drains and municipal storm drainage canal, Bluebird canal (photos above).

An after the fact LDEQ permit was issued in late March for Parc Place, but not the adjacent Riverview site.

The public notice was not published in the municipality’s Official Journal, “The St. Bernard Voice Newspaper”. Residents have not been able to locate an Environmental Assessment Survey. From the LDEQ EDMS “The AI is 175060. According to the applicant the project is under 5 acres..." However, it is uncertain if anyone independently verified the acreage or considered the total acreage of both developments, Parc Place and Riverview, along with the 2007 Master Plan for the entire track of land. The land is located in Chalmette, just west of Jean Lafitte Parkway and between St. Bernard Hwy and West Judge Perez Drive. The master plan for the development of the site includes a water retention pond, rural hospital, and even a YMCA.   Development Master Plan 2007


after the fact, notificiation, page 3 ...."No materials to be discharged to waters"

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