Thursday, April 7, 2011

salinity levels

Residents and scientists report salinity levels and tides have changed since the rock barrier placement in the MR-GO, and some believe full closure will not require the existing freshwater flowrate at the Violet canal siphon.  Oyster farmers fear additional fresh water will kill off restoration efforts on reefs that have suffered effects of past hurricanes and the massive BP oil spill last year.

To Fix Damage From Old Canals, Corps Plans New One  


MERAUX, La. April 6, 2011

"On a wedge of land where criss-crossing canals have killed off native plants and sped erosion, the Army Corps of Engineers has a controversial proposal for undoing environmental damage: They want to dig another canal."

The Corps held several public meetings, even before the BP oil spill.  If dug, the "new canal would also come with levees on either side to guide the water out toward the MRGO and Lake Borgne. Without that, the surge of water would threaten to put Paris Road under water during high flows." 

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