Saturday, June 5, 2010

seems only the residents are compromising

The Council voted unanimously to grant commercial zoning to two Murphy-owned lots in our residential neighborhood.  Docket 5 - 10 zoning change

 Essentially, they granted a variance to their own ordinance, which clearly states commercial property SHALL NOT exceed 250 feet from a major highway. The Council does not have the authority to grant variances- only the Board of Zoning Adjustments does. Even a former planning commissioner pointed out that a previous docket's review by parish attorney(s) required resubdivision of lots so not to extend commercial property beyond 250 feet.  When questioned, the perspective buyer indicated he had not approached Murphy about resubdivision of the lots. Such re-subdivision would be a reasonable compromise and would minimize the adverse effects on the residents. It leaves plenty of room for the refinery catering contractor to store his equipment.  Yet, without it, parking, truck traffic, dumpsters for the seafood catering business and other nuisances will encroach further into this family neighborhood.  It was also mentioned that the catering trailers return late at night !

Residents still wonder what else Murphy Oil has on the menu. They had initially asked for the cater to use the available commercial property on the highway.  That lot can accommodate the business' expansion and re-zoning  is not required.

At a recent meeting with the new refinery manger, residents were asked to co-operate with the refinery and be that extra set of eyes and hears for issues at the plant. Residents were also told Murphy Oil Couldnot construct anything on the properties in the green-belt. Yet, we already have a petrochemical testing lab in the green-belt. After pointing out that this Docket's purchase agreements have expired, residents asked Murphy Oil to co-operate with the neighborhood and not extend the agreements.

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