Wednesday, June 23, 2010

recycling cement slabs

particulates matter

located within a mile of the newly redeveloped Val Riess baseball fields, and within just a few blocks of  family neighborhoods, concrete dumps and cement chipping for recycling are not helping the air quality. nor is it protective of public health

concrete slabs stockpiled along the 40 arpent canal; the pink and red colored slabs indicate asbestos encapsulation, possibly from asbestos flooring tiles and mastic

the St Bernard Parish Council recently passed an emergency re-zoning ordinance to help facilitate the quick removal of stockpiled slabs from the 40 arpent canal.  The concrete will be moved to an E Law Street location within an existing industrial area.  Re-zoning was required to grant a conditional use for concrete grinding and chipping.  The emergency ordinance did not require a public hearing, although the planning commission conducted one the following week. 

The stockpiled slabs pose a weight-bearing concern for the 40 arpent canal and the concrete grinding and chipping will help recycle the concrete for use in levee t-wall work in the eastern district of the parish. Without proper dust suppression, the nearby family neighborhoods and ball park will be effected by particulate matter and other emissions associated with concrete chipping.

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