Monday, February 11, 2008

True Team Spirit

The St. Bernard Recreation Corp. is commended for establishing a community wide effort to for all the children of St Bernard Parish. Their leaders have been partnering with the St. Bernard Recreation Dept. who were joined by many individuals (including some RDC 's regulars) and other groups to clean and refurbish our ballparks; starting last Saturday with Carolyn Park (Arabi) . One notably present was St Bernard's own Ms. Polly; coordinator of the Community Playground Re-Boot, Re-Pair, Re-Build, program scheduled for April 8-13 at Torres Park.
Scott Meuser, President, Board of Directors of the National Relief Network was also as energetically present as he has been ever since early post storm days. Scott has been working with various volunteer groups across the country to aid our recovery efforts and can be reached at . There were also donations which included tree planting projects in the Murphy Oil Spill neighborhoods. I met Scott at the Carolyn Park (Arabi) Clean Our Ball Park Day (Saturday) with his volunteers who were high school students from across America.  Basically he said, the tree planting efforts have not been able to take root "due to political problems".

Next BallPark Day in about two weeks -- Keep Posted to for park and date. Bring your usual supplies, tools, equipment and Good Attitude St Bernard !!

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