Tuesday, February 12, 2008

RDC Meeting Wednesday February 20th at 7pm
CCAM Meeting Tuesday February 26th 6:30pm
St Bernard Parish Residents are invited to Join District C's Residents at the RDC Rediscover District C Meeting Wednesday February 20th 7pm in the Council Office Trailer. RDC is launching its third year of resident led committee projects to focus efforts on our parishes' revitalization, beautification, and community connection. We invite you to become part of this effort as we move forward in 2008 with the momentum to continue to rebuild our parish, our community and our homes. For more information visit the website: http://www.rediscoverdistrictc.com/
CCAM Meeting Tuesday February 26th 6:30pm
Lena Drive South Bring a chair
Join us with SBSO Charlie Borchers to reform Neighborhood Watch in the Flora Estates, James Place, Despaux and Ventura, and Sandra Park Subdivisions

Nomination of Officers and Update on LDEQ Hearing

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