Monday, December 12, 2016

U N Human Rights Day

As residents of St Bernard Parish we have the human right to secure tenure, including the right to equal access to all the information before decisions are made. And we have the right to association without neighborhood surveillance.  And we have the right to access basic services such as side walks and transportation, including safe bus stops with sidewalks. The powers that be seem more concerned about relocation of trees than with how people were treated beneath human dignity when being forced from their homes and trailer parks.

U N Human Rights Day  Dec 10 2016

The human right to security of tenure includes:
  • The human right to adequate housing.
  • The human right to an adequate standard of living.
  • The human right to security, including enforceable legal security of tenure.
  • The human right to protection from forced evictions and the destruction and/or demolition of one's home including in situations of military occupation, international and civil armed conflict, establishment and construction of alien settlements, population transfer, development projects and international events.
  • The human right to full equality between men and women.
  • The human right to freedom from discrimination based on sex, race, or any other status.
  • The human right to equal protection of the law and to judicial remedy in case of violation of the right to adequate housing.
  • The human right to freedom of expression and of association.
  • The human right to education and access to information.
  • The human right to participate in public decision-making.
The human right to Security of Tenure is prerequisite to the full realization of the human right to adequate housing, which includes:
  • The human right to choose one's residence, to determine where and how to live, and to freedom of movement.
  • The human right to livelihood and land.
  • The human right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.
  • The human right to a safe and healthy environment.
  • The human right to access to resources, including energy for cooking, heating, and lighting.
  • The human right of access to basic services, schools, transportation and employment options.
  • The human right to freedom from arbitrary interference with one's privacy.
  • The human right to affordability in housing so that other basic needs are not threatened or compromised.

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