Monday, June 20, 2016

the grass is always greener

"The green, green grass of our homes"

Showdown: St. Bernard Parish President - Oct. 29,2007Junior Rodriquez and Craig Taffaro

"There seems to be a name game being played between St. Bernard government, Murphy Oil and residents adjacent to the refinery.At times the residential property bought by Murphy is referred to as "green space" and at other times it?s referred to as a "buffer Zone".Green space implies trees, shrubs and flowers while buffer zone implies a space to restrict something unwanted. Which is it that you will work toward."Mike

Jr. - Green space only. Council has the power and ability to pass an ordinance that that?s what it will be is green space. That?s what we need.CT ? Properties that are being bought out in the buyout zone are zoned R1 which means that there can be nothing but R1 development in that area. Murphy Oil has continued to tell us and the public they?re not getting into the housing market at all, so the idea of what that property can be used for is nothing more than what it is now and since it is not a 100% buyout at this point in time, there will be no other development there so it will be green space. Buffer zone means that that?s what that green space will be used for.```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````"I live on Lena Drive and would like to know about the 4 block area that Murphy Oil destroyed. What are you going to do about t he sidewalks that were pulled up and the streets that were destroyed. Don?t beat around the bush. Give us a straight answer."John

Jr. ? Should be repaired because Murphy Oil caused the problem and situation. Murphy Oil will repair sidewalks. That?s part of public demand.CT ? Where there are houses, there will be sidewalks. Where there are complete blocks that have been purchased and will be used as that green space in the buffer zone, those sidewalks needed to be removed for the maintenance of that property. But what we?re talking about is where there are residents still living between houses there will be sidewalks there. That?s not an issue. Murphy is giving us some resistance on that, but that?s exactly what we?re going to do. Where there are residents there will be sidewalks.


 Local Housing Redevelopment Committee around the 6 minute mark:

Transfer of HUD Road Home Properties through the Lot Next Door Program to Murphy Oil is not intended for commercial; it is for the green space.

“Keep in mind it is not a commercial interest because it’s zoned residential and the [adjacent] Murphy lot… is also residential. …… don’t think it’s the same situation [as a previous case] because the Church wanted to use it for commercial purposes, Murphy is just obtaining it as part of their green space.”


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