Monday, November 9, 2015

save our wetlands

The proof in dredging to save our wetlands.

Captain Devin 2013-05-02

"In 1991 the Caernarvon Diversion was created in an effort to restore the marsh by building land, benefit the commercial fishing industry and somewhat emulate what the Mississippi used to do years ago. This is great except for one thing.
It didn’t work."

"Now our problem has been compounded in that the Army Corps of Engineers wants to build a larger diversion at Braithwaite, this one capable of putting out 250,000 cfs of water. That was not a typo! You read it right. That is a quarter million cubic feet of water per second flowing into our saltwater marsh. If Caernarvon did that much damage what would a diversion of that magnitude do at Braithwaite? Left in the hands of our government, it would destroy the marsh."

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