Friday, August 22, 2014

sidewalks and school children

In July 2011, FEMA agreed to replace ALL the sidewalks in the neighborhoods; ALL the neighborhoods.  We are tax paying residents who are caught in a bad deal between our local government and a corporation, and all we want is what any other neighborhood in St Bernard would want, including sidewalks. In a recent council meeting, it was discussed that all neighborhoods would have sidewalks and that it didn't matter who removed the sidewalk -- the parish, a contractor, a resident --- that the sidewalk would be replaced in ALL neighborhoods in St Bernard Parish from one end to the other.

Murphy Oil was to work in coordination to complete the sidewalk replace project (for the sidewalks illegally removed in demolitions in the former buy-up area).   A few months later Valero purchased Murphy and promised to complete the sidewalk replacement project and actually began work. On both Jacob Drive and Despaux Drive many sidewalks were replaced from Ohio Street to St Bernard Highway.

Work continued until the level of the Mississippi River rose to a point where the Army Corp of Engineers stopped construction within so many feet of the levees.  Valero PROMISED to continue the work once the water receeded,  but never did.

Today, August 22, 2014, instead of replacing what was illegally taken, Valero is taking more sidewalks and at the corners of school bus stops.

SOS  School children need sidewalks to get to the bus stops!!

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