Monday, April 14, 2014

Petcoke regulations


"The lion's share" of the sulfur dioxide nonattainment issue in Chalmette, Louisiana is said to be from the Rain CII coke plant, where petcoke is processed for the aluminum industry.

Petcoke is becoming more and more of an issue in the States. 

Time to get your regulatory guard up, America --- Mike G.

Petcoke is not just a health issue, however ................

Due to state and federal restrictions on burning petcoke that make it nearly impossible to sell domestically, most of it is sold overseas. California exports 128,000 barrels of petcoke every day, mostly to China, where it is burned as a fuel source for electricity.

Both the California state government and the federal government officially consider petcoke a “byproduct,” not a waste product, so California’s emissions laws don’t apply to these overseas sales. That means companies in the business of refining oil can sell their petcoke to China without ever having to account for the greenhouse gas emissions, even though burning petcoke releases 5-10% more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere than burning coal.

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