Sunday, December 1, 2013

what's in your backyard?

an unsettling situation "just a stone's throw distance away from people's homes"

this story unfortunately has so many familiar characteristics of what happens to American town's when then federal agencies that are suppose to protect us, fail  (WSJ Live report John Emshwiller )

to paraphrase Patty Ameno's statements about her crusade to clean up nuclear contamination in her home town

words cannot express the level of faith that people in this area had in our government and then to realize that we had been lied to. this isnt right, so is so unAmerican

citizen activism was instrumental in required cleanup.... it took nearly 10 years for clean up work to begin, only to be stopped with the discovery of unexpected amounts of complex materials in the area that was not even fenced-off at that time. cleanup should ensure the contaminants are comprehensively and safely removed and that the sediment of the river is tested so the town can come out of this contaminated legacy and leave something for the future generations

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