Monday, September 30, 2013

LLT builder bundles

LLT Builder Bundles to distribute property for construction of new homes.

St Bernard Parish LLT Builder Bundles

Zone 7 Val Reis (Valero) and Zone 8 - Val Reis (Valero).

These 26 properties listed in Zone 7 and Zone 8 are located in the Murphy Oil spill area that was inundated by crude oil in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

 above photos footprint of oil spill.

Some but not all properties were to be used to create a green belt around the industrial plant.  


Some of the homeowners sold to the Road Home Program and thus became LLT properties.  Now LLT offers 26 of these properties in two separate builder's bundles, Zone 7 and Zone 8. The bundles are available for purchase at fair market value. LLT is soliciting proposals from builders who will agree to construct new homes on the lots.  When properties are transferred the documents should continue to note the Murphy Oil Spill area.



Soil sample information is available on LDEQ website under AI#157715.  There are over 69,000 files in this AI folder and it is not searchable by address.  Here are a few links to some of the files.



3912 Ventura soil sample Letter of 1st results

3513 Ventura soil sample Phase II unable to locate file at this time







3817Despaux unable to locate file at this time

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