Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Land Use Plan for L L T properties

"Every effort should be made to avoid continuing or perpetuating the underlying problems noted..."

Report to St Bernard Parish - Disposition Strategy for LLT Lots.

Prepared by czb in collaboration with MIG/W, and Donald Poland Consulting.  A February 2013 Public Hearing will be scheduled at the St Bernard Parish Planning Commissioners Meeting, TBA.  The  Executive Committee of the Planning Commissioners expect to make a recommendation at the public hearing.

PROPOSAL to redistribute State owned vacant lots in St Bernard Parish, Louisiana and incorporate in part in the future Master Land Use Plan for the Parish, now in progress. 

"St. Bernard Parish sustained heavier damages and loss than any other Parish, and so recovery and resettlement naturally is more involved and time-consuming." 

czb is a Virginia-based planning firm specializing in revitalization strategy development and implementation.  czb has been retained by Winston Associates to be a member of the consultant team working to develop a Comprehensive Plan for St Bernard Parish, Louisiana, a project now underway (November, 2012).  As part of the Comprehensive Master Land Use Plan, this specific proposal is for the land sold to the State of Louisiana using federal funds as part of the Road Home Program after Hurricane Katrina.  These parcels of land were transferred to the Louisiana Land Trust (L L T) prior to redistribution sales, such as the Lot Next Door Program (L N D) and the Housing Opportunity Program (H O P).  The L N D and H O P programs are both administered by the St Bernard Parish Housing, Redevelopment, and Quality of Life Commission (HRQL) through Global Risk Solutions (GRS).   http://www.lalandtrust.us/


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