Monday, December 24, 2012

AIr Quality fails to meet health standards

The air quality in Chalmette, Lousiana failed to meet health standards on 12_23_2012 for both sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.

Air quality samples taken at DEQ's air monitor at Bluebird Park in Chalmette Vista, along the ExxonMobil  --  Rain CII corridor had sulfur dioxide readings as high as 216 parts per billion (ppb), 193 ppb, and 184 ppb.  This is way over the sulfur health standard of 75 ppb.

For hydrogen sulfide, the health standard of 30 parts per billion was measured at Valero Energy Meraux refinery's air monitor, with readings as high as 30 ppb, 12 ppb and 11 ppb.  Further east, at Joe Davies Elementary school, another DEQ air monitor had hydrogen sulfide readings as high as 27 ppb, 20 ppb, and 17 ppb. 

The 30 ppb hydrogen sulfide health limit is a standard in the State of California; the State of Louisiana has no such standard.................

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