Wednesday, October 12, 2011

land redistribution plan

The Louisiana Land Trust (LLT) will soon transfer to St. Bernard Parish Government over two thousand vacant lots, mostly residential-zoned, acquired in the Federal Road Home grant program.  SBPG has already distributed many other lots through the lot next door program. The Housing, Redevelopment, and Quality of Life Commission (HRQL) will soon begin to public notice a proposed redistribution plan for the remaining properties and hold community public hearings and meetings.  The DRAFT proposal by Waggoner and Ball was presented to the HRQL at the September 21, 2011 meeting, viewable here

UPDATE:   Waggoner and Ball also presented the DRAFT proposal of ideas for redevelopment and redistribution to the LLT Board in October 2011.  Presumably this is the same pdf / power point presentation shown to the HRQL.

Page 58 of above link notes fishing and boat piers and other improvements, so residents can enjoy the natural resources of the 40 arpent canal.

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