Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sidewalk update

Sidewalk Update

July 5, 2011 Council Meeting    Item #26 Motion to Discuss Sidewalks on Jacob Drive
(Discussion of replacing the sidewalks removed by Murphy Oil during demolition of houses sold to the refinery under a former voluntary buyup)

Motion by Henderson, Seconded by Landry

around the time mark 2:12:07 Item 26 Motion to Discuss Sidewalks on Jacob Drive


Landry: I believe most of the issues on Jacob Drive have been resolved.  Asked Mr. Henderson to chime in. Several homeowners concerned sidewalks were not going to be replaced. Working in conjunction with Murphy Oil that there is going to be cooperation through FEMA to reinstate and put sidewalks back for those residents. {The sidewalks were removed by Murphy Oil during demolition of homes sold to the oil company in a voluntary buyup offer after the 2005 crude oil spill}.

Henderson: conversation with Parish President about sidewalks on the four streets closest to Murphy Oil, FEMA is willing to pay [for sidewalks] for the houses that are still there;  I believe there are two lots around the houses that are still there [on Jacob Drive].  Also, in conjunction with this, Murphy Oil said they would pay for those two houses to get sidewalks.
NOTE:  Stated as a general belief by a number of residents, although this may resolve part of a sidewalk issue, the noise and vibration concerns continue including new reports of claims of structural damage along with pollution, drainage problems, and other issues, not only on Jacob Drive, but throughout the neighborhoods around Murphy.  While there have been noted improvements, there is still a lot of ground to cover. 

Another issue of concern mentioned earlier in the council  meeting was the care needed to prune live oak tree branches on Jacob Drive rather than just pull the branches with the road work heavy equipment.

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