Friday, June 10, 2011

Murphy Oil Title V application V6

Murphy Oil Meraux Title V application V6 for minor modification 
(Submitted May 2011; Public Notice and Public Comment Period pending) revise the operating rate of the cooling tower...In January 2010, the feed pump to the cooling tower was modified to include a larger impeller to accommodate the increase in cooling demand as a result of the BenFree Unit project.......The increase in the operating rate at the cooling tower has also been evaluated for applicability to NSR in the context of the BenFree Unit....the overall project emissions increase..from the cooling tower is revised...The revised project emissions increase(s)..are less than the NSR significant emission rates, therefore the BenFree Unit project is not subject to PSD review when using this updated information........ (see Citizen's Petition to EPA to Veto the BenFree Unit Air Permit "V5" and Citizen's enforcement suit to compel EPA to respond to petition ) delete one compressor engine, reinstate two existing compressor engines, incorporate an existing compressor previously authorized (as an emergency backup compressor), revise the inventory information and identification for an existing tank, delete a proposed tank...reinstate an existing tank, and revise the maximum operating rate for the cooling tower......

.........correct a prior permitting error and reconcile the maximum operating rates by adding two......compressor engines back into the permit........ These engines were inadvertently deleted from the permit as part of a prior modification permitting the Clean Fuels Phase II project.... ( Title V air permit "V2"   issued November 2007) ) (Public Hearing Transcript  )

...... these inadvertently deleted compressors which are expected to be replaced with electric compressors under the recent EPA federal consent decree

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