Monday, May 9, 2011

health standards exceeded, again

CH_VISTA exceeds health standards again for sulfur dioxide

Today May 9 2011 the sulfur dioxide readings at CH_VISTA are once again over the EPA one-hour health standard of 75 ppb.

Starting with a hydrogen sulfide spike of 9 ppb at 2 am, the sulfur dioxide rose to 73.6 ppb at 4am and peaked at 157.8 ppb and 151.7 ppb at 8am and 9am. The sulfur dioxide readings continued with 75.7 ppb at 11am and 83.2 and 84.1 at 4pm and 5pm.   The air monitor readings peaked at 217.8 ppb sulfur dioxide at 9pm and 102.3 ppb at 11pm

This ambient air monitor is located in Chalmette Vista neighborhood's Bluebird Park, which is in close proximity to the Chalmette Elementary School.

These readings are accessible from   the La DEQ website: Use the right hand column ON AIR Current AQI data menu, seltect "site data" on the far right of the upper menu and select "CH_VISTA" and today's date. Press submit. also at this link

On the chart, add two hours to the displayed time in order to obtain the correct time. This is due to daylight savings time and the time configuration of the data loggers that poll each air monitor.

Smell something stinky? Contact La DEQ. Use the upper menu on the home page and select online services, select online reports and citizen reports. Or email SPOC at LA.GOV

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