Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Public Comment Opportunities

1)December 6, 2010 Public Comment Opportunity deadline for Federal Consent Decree settlement between the United States, State of Wisconsin, Louisiana DEQ and Murphy Oil USA.

click here for more info on Federal Consent Decree

2)Murphy Oil USA's solid waste permit renewal application was due in late October 2010 per La DEQ notification document 6174148 dated June 23 2010. In response to a public records request, La DEQ indicated as of November 15 2010, Murphy Oil has not submitted the permit renewal application but did make a verbal notifiction on November 15, 2010 regarding a November 12, 2010 written request for an extension to apply for renewal. Once submitted, the permit renewal application will be under review by the State agency, a copy should post to public records, and the La DEQ has offered to meet with residents for outreach and informational purposes on this issue.

3)Public Comment Opportunity expected to public notice soon for yet another settlement on additional alleged violations of the air permit. more information on this proposed settlement here

4)closed Public Comment on alleged violations clean water act settlement between Louisiana DEQ and Murphy Oil     Information on proposed water permit settlement

5)closed Public Comment on Hazardous Waste Land Treatement Unit Closure Information

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