Tuesday, May 11, 2010

EFC Meeting

1600, 1601 Esteban and Two lots at 1600 Aycock

Wednesday 2pm

Item # 3

Compound motion to take from the table and discuss Summary No. 2655, an ordinance to approve Docket 4-10, a petition of the St. Bernard Parish Planning Commission to the St. Bernard Parish Council to consider a map change from "R, 1, (single family residential)" to "C-1, (neighborhood commercial)" for four lots situated in Arabi Park Subdivision, designated as Lot "1", Square "a"; Lot "29", Square "b"; and Lots "1" and "2", Square "c".

Let's All Join For Neighborhoods

St Bernard Parish has more available commercial and industrial property now, than ever before, yet the integrity of all our residential neighborhoods appears to be expendable in the name of economic development. This type of zoning fails to meet St Bernard Parish's goal of economic development along with safe, productive family neighborhoods. Instead, this is spot zoning, and that's illegal.

The same could happen to your neighborhood if the Parish continues to entertain such requests. With little to no public notice, the Council is discussing a parish-wide re-zoning of all properties within 250 feet of Judge Perez Drive, which could result in parking lots, dumpsters, commercial traffic and other nuisances coming to any residential street.

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