Tuesday, November 3, 2009

C A R E for St Bernard

Pollution Reduction Plan Discussion in C A R E Forums

Permitting issues regarding emissions were a great concern to residents. Discussed in detail at the March 29th meeting with experts from different air quality and health fields, St. Bernard Parish residents may be exposed to more air pollutants than the average American citizen.

During recent years Exxon Mobil was charged by the Eastern District of Louisiana (Federal Judge Sarah Vance) to have violated the Clean Air Act 2,629 times. The Concerned Citizens Around Murphy group delivered "notice of violation" letters to the Meraux Petroleum Refinery, the LDEQ and the EPA noting "more than 130 dates, beginning Oct. 15, 2003, and ending Jan. 30, 2008, in which they allege the plant violated the Clean Air Act by releasing pollutants such as sulfur dioxide in excess of its permit limits" (Warren, July 3, 2008).

Citizens seemed to take legal actions due to a lack of clear communication from industry representatives and government regulators.

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