Monday, May 18, 2009

Villere Donation Request

The case arose from environmental wrongdoings and demonstrated
Murphy's difficulty in keeping its agreements. It could be that had the
defendant kept its hurricane preparedness agreement, we may not be here
before the court; but we are.

A commitment to the settlement agreement for greenspace; the greenspace which exists now, together with another Pres proposal, the donation of the historical Villere property, are better suited for Cy Pres projects around our existing residential neighborhoods than the zoning changes proposed in as presented to the residents.

Preserving the settlement agreement for greenspace and the donation of the Villere Property, which is located between the future tank farm expansion and our exiting Floral Estates Subdivision, not only acts as a reminder to Murphy Oil to keep its agreements and be more careful with oil tanks in a flood plain, but it can also become a reminder to our citizens of Murphy Oil's valuable part of our community.

The Villere Plantation"s historic tree line and brick structure are part of the actual British Invasion to the Battle of New Orleans 1814-1815.

In time for the 200 year anniversary, the donation from Murphy Oil could be part of St Bernard Parish's historical past while honoring our community"s promising future. Again, Murphy Oil is a valuable part of our community's future and they could take this opportunity to be a better neighbor and to keep agreements.

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