Friday, November 2, 2007

Jacob Drive Firestation and Murphy Oil Refinery Expansion

Our Community Needs Jacob Drive Firestation

We Should NOT Sell It to Murphy Refinery for Expansion

Should this property ever be taken out of service, due to Insurance Fire Rating Review Placement Determinations, it should remain forever greenspace landuse to preserve our residential neighborhood and improve our quality of life.

We need to utilized FEMA Monies / matching grants to Rebuild ALL Our Firestations so not to adversely effect fire protection levels, 'first responder' response times and our homeowners' fire insurance premiums. Comprehensive plans based on Fire Insurance Rating Determinations for the placement of Fire Stations throughout St Bernard Parish are paramount and should be the predominate factor in these decisions

Recent house fires and medical emergencies confirm our community's need to rebuild ALL Our Firestations - Fully Staffed, Equipped, and Operational- to restore fire protection level and Firefighters and FirstResponders' response time.

Imagine if the St. Bernard Parish Government had succeeded in their little known plan to land swap and/or sell the Jacob Drive Firestation to Murphy Oil for the refinery expansion( item #26 SBPC Agenda). That decision would place the nearest operating Firestation for both Districts C and D on Guerra Drive in Violet and on Pakenham Drive in Chalmette. From what little we know of the Jacob Drive Firestation and Murphy Meraux Refinery Expansion, plans include moving facilities, such as a warehouse, maintenance building, parking lot and laboratory into the subdivision to allow processing unit expansion on the refinery's current campus. Some of these facilities are currently out of compliance with the new OSHA explosion cone regulations. The new processing expansions may include a .

If the plan surfaces again (and it will) to sell Jacob Drive Firestation to Murphy Refinery, please join and help oppose it. Remember, they could try and sell the one in your area next.

The house you save could be your own.

Registered voters can sign the petition to oppose the sale of Jacob Drive Firestation.
Contact or download the petition at

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